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It's always a pleasure to see how the game develops, slowly but steadily. I like the new title song, it sounds very roland mt-32-like.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the new theme music. Dan Policar worked hard to get the sound just right :).

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Wonderful to see your game appearing here on itch too, Julia! I'm following your project for quite some time now and I really look forward to the final game. You work on The Crimson Diamond with so much care and dedication it's a real pleasure following it via the newsletters. Godspeed and all the best!

Ahhhh! Thanks so much for subscribing to my newsletter! seems like a pretty good platform, from what I can see. How do you feel about it?

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Hey! Thank you for writing them - and for the free geology lessons! ;)
I really like as a platform as it feels much more open and free than GOG and Steam. I've heard it's also very developer-friendly. And, as a friend of DRM-free, I always prefer a good old-fashioned download method that doesn't force its own client on me. :) I think it's a great idea to have your game both on and on Steam.

I'm glad the newsletter has been an educational experience! I dislike clients too, I use GOG but I never tried GOG Galaxy. Speaking of which, I guess I should look into getting the demo on GOG! :P

I know what you mean, I never touched Galaxy myself and it took years until I installed the Steam client (and only because I heard that many indie developers sell their games on Steam without integrated DRM). But yes, try to get it on GOG. They have become a bit snobby and picky as of late however, refusing some really great titles while rolling out the red carpet for all kinds of more or less questionable "casual games". Anyway, you should try it. As your game is already very well fleshed out, looks and feels absolutely in the vein of the classics AND they sell your main inspiration Laura Bow they simply have to accept it ... or else! ;)

Good to know! I will look into GOG :). 

I have my laptop set to 125% size, which meant the game launched bigger than my screen and I couldn't access any of the options. I'd recommend either letting the game be able to launch in windowed mode, or having it fit to screen.

Please let the text parser understand things the description says, it said there was a metal tag on the chest, but "look at/read metal tag" did not work.

I'd also suggest a glossary or note book for the key words you can ask ppl about, tho the game might have this and I just didn't notice

Hiya! Thanks for trying my game! And thanks for the feedback! 

I'll consider getting the game to default launch in windowed mode, to make it easier for people to choose which display mode suits them best. 

I'll take a look at the metal tag on the chest. I think there's a response for it, but I could probably add some synonyms! 

Page 10 of the manual has some conversational topics to try! The game doesn't prevent game progress if you fail to ask the proper questions, asking questions will mostly  just give more background information about the characters and situation. 

Thanks again, and best wishes!  -- Julia