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*****NEW DEMO VERSION v19***** (As of Oct, 2023) THIS IS A PLAYABLE DEMO VERSION! NOT THE FULL GAME. FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED! www.thecrimsondiamond.com feedback@thecrimsondiamond.com

***Updating your demo version to this version may break your save games***

Mac port by Chad Armstrong (Version 19, as of Nov 23, 2023!)

The Crimson Diamond is an EGA text parser mystery adventure game where you play as amateur geologist and reluctant detective Nancy Maple. Follow Nancy as she travels north to the fictional ghost town of Crimson, Ontario to investigate the discovery of a massive diamond in the area. Eavesdrop on conversations to learn more about the eccentric cast of characters who find themselves gathered at Crimson Lodge. Explore the lodge and its environs to evaluate the diamond claim, and maybe solve a mystery or two along the way! The Crimson Diamond is a cozy mystery that encourages reading and engaging in the story over devious arcade challenges. 

- Explore Crimson Lodge and the surrounding wilderness 
- Listen and talk to a cast of characters with different personalities and motivations. 
- Uncover secrets, discover hidden areas, solve mysteries!

***** The Crimson Diamond DEMO v19 October 2023 *****


Changes from last version:

1) Bug causing the game to crash during the shower in the pink bathroom has been temporarily dealt with.

The music cue causing the crash has been turned off for now.



Changes from last version:

1) Added an option in the main menu to toggle the "visual points cue" on and off.

2) Hopefully fixed the issue of the notesbook notes deleting themselves and no new notes adding.

3) Added an option for text box display delay, to reduce instances of players accidentally clearing text boxes.

4) Updated some introductory sequence art.

5) Miscellaneous bug fixes.


***** The Crimson Diamond DEMO v17 February 2023 *****


Changes since last version:

1) Toggle for Windowed and Full Screen modes in the Main Menu.

2) ENTER key no longer opens the text parser box. Alpha keys will open the text parser box!

3) New music track added to the tutorial room.

4) Added more notes to the notebook.

5) Added a visual "points" cue.

6) Changed the "note added to notebook" visual cue.

7) Added more text parser shortcuts. Doors can be opened and closed by specifying "left" or "west", and "right" or "east".

   Example: "Open west door" will cause Nancy to walk over to that door and open it.

   Notes: this can be abbrieviated to "o w d".

8) Nancy can now knock on hallway doors.

9) Miscellaneous bug fixes.


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Will the full game be released on Itch as well as Steam. Would love to have this DRM-free


Yes, I will be releasing the full game on Itch too!

Did stream the Demo! A truly promising title, can't wait for the full release!

Thanks so much for streaming, and sharing the VOD! I will watch and see where I can improve the game!

Any plans for the Linux release?


I'm using Adventure Game Studio, which does allow for compiling in Linux! I haven't tested that version at all, though I'd be happy to make it available at some point once I can get that tested.

In that case, I took the liberty of testing the demo natively using latest stable AGS and everything works fine aside from two bugs, which I suspect might not be Linux-specific as both of them also occur running Windows executable in Wine. 

The first one is minor and involves a cursor changing to "Press <\> to resume" upon returning to main menu after concluding the tutorial. The other one is a showstopper as the pointer completely disappears and Nancy cannot be moved even with the keyboard after finishing the dinner.

After the dinner you have to type "stand" to get out of the chair and get the movement and cursor back.  At least, I hope so! Eek!

My text parser inexperience really shows itself. :) Disappearance of the cursor threw me off, but it works now. Thanks.

Whew! I'm glad to hear it! Happy to help. :)

Hi! really enjoyed the demo, and i'm intrigued by the story you're setting up here. 

Just one bug to report: at some point I found some new info so I got the 'note added' pop-up. But my notebook was blank when I opened it! And remained blank for the rest of the demo. 


I’m glad you enjoyed the demo! Thanks for reporting the bug. I’ve been doing a lot of fixing and updating, there were definitely some issues with the notebook. Sometimes pressing the up and down arrows will scroll through the notebook notes more reliably than clicking with the arrow buttons. It should be fixed in the full release!

I've updated the demo to a new version which hopefully fixes this notebook issue. It may break your saves games, though! Sorry for any inconvenience.

This looks so awesome. I’m wondering if there’s a chance that it’ll come to iPad now that iPadOS supports keyboard and mouse. Would love to be able to play this on the go. Actually can’t wait until the game officially releases. 


Thanks so much! I'd love to port to other devices, hopefully the game will do well enough after launch to investigate some options. I can't wait until the game releases, either! :P

ScummVM recently came out with a beta version of an app for iOS! I've tested The Crimson Diamond on it and it was crashing for me at a particular point in the game. I will need to look into this, but the ScummVM iOS app might be a good option if you're looking to play all sorts of adventure games on iPad! I think you'll need to access it via TestFlight, which is a beta testing app.

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The aesthetic is gorgeous! It's a nostalgia trip to my childhood. If you like old-school adventure games, I think you are going to like this one. Can't wait for the finished game.

P.S.: it's nice that you can go out to the balcony on the second floor, Colonel's Bequest players are sure are going to like that :D

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks so much :)

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It's always a pleasure to see how the game develops, slowly but steadily. I like the new title song, it sounds very roland mt-32-like.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the new theme music. Dan Policar worked hard to get the sound just right :).

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Wonderful to see your game appearing here on itch too, Julia! I'm following your project for quite some time now and I really look forward to the final game. You work on The Crimson Diamond with so much care and dedication it's a real pleasure following it via the newsletters. Godspeed and all the best!

Ahhhh! Thanks so much for subscribing to my newsletter! Itch.io seems like a pretty good platform, from what I can see. How do you feel about it?

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Hey! Thank you for writing them - and for the free geology lessons! ;)
I really like itch.io as a platform as it feels much more open and free than GOG and Steam. I've heard it's also very developer-friendly. And, as a friend of DRM-free, I always prefer a good old-fashioned download method that doesn't force its own client on me. :) I think it's a great idea to have your game both on itch.io and on Steam.

I'm glad the newsletter has been an educational experience! I dislike clients too, I use GOG but I never tried GOG Galaxy. Speaking of which, I guess I should look into getting the demo on GOG! :P


I know what you mean, I never touched Galaxy myself and it took years until I installed the Steam client (and only because I heard that many indie developers sell their games on Steam without integrated DRM). But yes, try to get it on GOG. They have become a bit snobby and picky as of late however, refusing some really great titles while rolling out the red carpet for all kinds of more or less questionable "casual games". Anyway, you should try it. As your game is already very well fleshed out, looks and feels absolutely in the vein of the classics AND they sell your main inspiration Laura Bow they simply have to accept it ... or else! ;)

Good to know! I will look into GOG :). 


I have my laptop set to 125% size, which meant the game launched bigger than my screen and I couldn't access any of the options. I'd recommend either letting the game be able to launch in windowed mode, or having it fit to screen.

Please let the text parser understand things the description says, it said there was a metal tag on the chest, but "look at/read metal tag" did not work.

I'd also suggest a glossary or note book for the key words you can ask ppl about, tho the game might have this and I just didn't notice


Hiya! Thanks for trying my game! And thanks for the feedback! 

I'll consider getting the game to default launch in windowed mode, to make it easier for people to choose which display mode suits them best. 

I'll take a look at the metal tag on the chest. I think there's a response for it, but I could probably add some synonyms! 

Page 10 of the manual has some conversational topics to try! The game doesn't prevent game progress if you fail to ask the proper questions, asking questions will mostly  just give more background information about the characters and situation. 

Thanks again, and best wishes!  -- Julia